Baseline Ecological Surveys

WSI regularly undertake habitat and species baseline surveys for clients for a range of projects and on a variety of habitats. Baseline Ecological Surveys identify the habitats and/or species that exist within an area at the time of the survey. Most development proposals will have the potential to impact on the local biodiversity of the development site either through the direct loss of habitats, the reduction in the value of the habitat or the ability of the habitat to support the species that depend on them. Early identification of any ecological constraints ensures that development proposals are not delayed and appropriate mitigation or compensation is incorporated into the design phase.

We use the latest technology to undertake this work including. This may involve the use of the Arrow 100 high accuracy sub-metre GPS unit; Unmanned Aerial Aircraft (UAV); ArcGIS online latest GIS technology for spatial data collection, analysis and presentation; together with GPS enabled field computers. The survey data is recorded in a specially designed site database and associated GIS datasets.

Further details on our recent project experience of baseline ecological surveys can be seen in a variety of the project reports we have prepared in the Projects section. 

Emperor moth

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