Map of Irish Wetlands - Introduction

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In conjunction with Foss Environmental Consulting, Wetland Survey Ireland have developed a mapping project to show the location and provide a description of all wetlands in Ireland using the Google Maps interface. You can learn more about the projectаhere

To check out the wetlands in your area, select the map on the right and navigate within the Google Maps window to your area or a preferred location.а

By selecting and clicking on a site pin you can learn more about the selected wetland in the pop up information window. Information on the site data categories displayed and what they mean can be foundаhere

A summary of the mainаwetland data setsаincluded on the map is givenаhere

A link to aаresponse formаis included on the map page if you would like to submit a new site to be included on the map, report an error, or provide us with additional data about a wetland in your area.

To check out the latest additions and changes to the map check theаWetland MapаNEWS SECTION (on Foss Environmental Consulting mirror site)аhere

To navigate to the map, and see the wetlands in your area followаtheаWetland Map of Irelandаlink or click on the image opposite.

Map of Irish Wetlands Team.

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