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Much of Ireland’s fauna are afforded protection under the Wildlife Act (1976) and the Wildlife Amendment Act (2000). The EU Habitats Directive provides specific legislation aimed at the protection of Ireland’s fauna. Species listed in Annex II are subject to special conservation measures to protect their habitat, through the establishment of an international network of Natura 2000 (Special Areas of Conservation (SACs)). Species listed on Annex IV of the EU Habitats Directive include Otter, all of Irelands Bat species, the Natterjack Toad and the Kerry Slug. These species are afforded protection throughout the wider countryside.

Faunal surveys are often required as part of the EIA process to establish the possible occurrence of species of conservation concern within the relevant study area. Wetland Surveys Ireland regularly undertake surveys for the following groups:

  • Terrestrial mammal surveys (with emphasis on protected species including badgers and otters)
  • Terrestrial invertebrate surveys (including Marsh Fritillary and Kerry Slug)
  • Bird Surveys
  • Trail camera mammal movement surveys

We also work closely with a number of Bat experts throughout Ireland and call on their expertise to undertake specialist bat surveys when required.

We have undertaken a wide range of fauna surveys to inform the Ecological Impact Assessment of various development proposals in the following sectors:

Further details on our recent project experience of fauna surveys can be seen here

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