Ecological Clerk of Works

Wetland Surveys Ireland have been involved in the supervision as an ECoW on a number of projects for larger industrial developments and clients.аThe primary role is to advise on compliance with the environmental planning conditions, such as hydrology, noise, air quality, river and land pollution, protected species and landscape, with preparation of compliance reports for clients and stakeholders and advisory reports for site managers/staff.

To demonstrate our experience as Ecological Clerk of Works a selection of recent projects that we have worked on is presented below.а

High vis vests


  • Undertake pre and post-construction habitat monitoring onаBellacorrick to Castlebar 110kV Refurbishment.а Acted as Ecological Clerk of Works (EcOW) during construction phase. 2017
  • Survey along new overhead line development for possible Whooper Swan collision casualties. Weekly visits during late winter period. 2017
  • Undertook pre-construction field surveys to highlight potential terrestrial ecological constraints on site in Cork. Reviewed proposed Construction Method Statements (Risk Assessment Management)а and monitored vegetation clearance and other works at sensitive sites. 2016-2017
  • Prepared a bird monitoring report for the development of an overhead line from Shercock, Co. Cavan to Tullynamalra, Co. Monaghan. 2015
  • Pre-construction and post construction releves were conducted to assess impacts on wet heath.аBallyvouskil 110kV Underground Cable Constructio.а2015
  • Construction phase ecological monitoring (Ecological Clerk of Works) of wind farm County Antrim. 2014
  • Undertook a Hen Harrier Monitoring Programme in compliance with Condition 8(1) of the consented small scale wind farm at Ballagh, west Co. Limerick. 2014

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