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  • 2007-2008аNational Red Grouse Habitat Surveyа-аProject DetailsDownload Report
  • Crushell, P.H. (2008). Soak Systems of an Irish Raised Bog: a multidisciplinary study of their origin, ecology, conservation and restoration. PhD thesis, Wageningen University, with a summary in Dutch and Irish – Download Publication
  • Crushell, P.H., Schouten, M.G.C., Smolders A.J.P., Roelofs, J.G.M. and Giller, P.S. (2006). Restoration of Minerotrophic Vegetation within an Irish Raised Bog Soak System. Biology and the Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 106B (3), 371-385а -аDownload Publication
  • Crushell, P.H., Connolly, A., Schouten, M.G.C. and Mitchell, F.G. (2008). The changing landscape of Clara Bog: the history of an Irish raised bog. Irish Geography, 41 (1), 89-111. –аDownload Publication

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  • Patrick Crushell and other staff CVsа– available on request
  • Publications List Patrick Crushellа– available on request


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  • Wetland Surveys Ireland Health and Safety Statement – available on request
  • Public liability Insurance Certificate – available on request
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate – available on request

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