Dáire O’Hare-Doherty BSc

Daire o'Hare Doherty p

Dáire is a graduate ecologist and holds an honours degree (BSc) in Field Biology and Wildlife Tourism from the Institute of Technology Tralee. His interest in habitat management and conservation stemmed from his studies and practical field work, and a lengthy history of volunteering with Killarney National Park. Dáire also has a specific interest in wildlife tourism enterprises, and how such ventures can be both beneficial to the ecosystem and economy.

Dáire has previously worked voluntarily with the Killarney National Park Education Centre and Rangers on a number of separate occasions. He has been directly involved in the ongoing fight against the invasive plant Rhododendron ponticum, as well as delivering educational programmes within the park. Dáire has worked with Wetland Surveys Ireland since 2019, specifically on the Pearl Mussel Project, an initiative to conserve the threatened freshwater pearl mussel in Ireland. 

Daire O'Hare-Doherty

Dáire has experience in habitat surveying and mapping, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), ecological statistical packages such as PCord, and wildlife tourism enterprises.

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